How NCEL will help in developing cooperative exports?

Being an umbrella organization for cooperative sector exports, the NCEL will assist farmers in obtaining higher price for their products in overseas markets in the event of surplus production in domestic markets. The NCEL will assist cooperatives in increasing their focus on exports competitiveness through activities such as:

Value addition & improving product quality according to international standards to enable co-operative exports to compete in international market.
Assistance with export certification and logistics.
Obtaining funds, providing technical guidance, and assisting in capacity building and training.
Conducting international/national market research and building a market intelligence system.
Providing export-related consultation services.
Establishing a knowledge repository for cooperative exports.
Facilitating cooperative product market positioning through branding, labelling, and packaging support. In nutshell, NCEL will facilitate co-operative sector exports and assist cooperatives in overcoming export difficulties.


By acting as an umbrella organization, setting up of NCEL will promote exports from the cooperative sector at all levels and across all sectors.

This will help in maximizing the export potential of Indian cooperatives in overseas markets. This will also help cooperatives reap the benefits of several export-related schemes, programs, initiatives and policies of various ministries of the Government of India in a focused manner through the 'Whole of Government Approach.

This will also help in achieving the goal of "Sahakar-se-Samriddhi" through the inclusive growth model of cooperatives where the members would benefit both by the realization of better prices through the export of their goods and services and by also by dividends distributed out of the surplus generated by the society.

The NCEL will also help in arranging finance for export activities, providing technical guidance, helping in training and capacity building, developing and maintaining a market intelligence system, implementing related government schemes, and undertake any other such activities which will increase exports from the cooperative sector and other related entities.