Modus operandi

NCEL’s operations will include both forward and backward linkages of the export development process.

The NCEL will function in coordination with the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India & its agencies, Ministry of External Affairs and its missions/post abroad, Indian and foreign organizations/ enterprises/ export agencies, all levels of cooperatives in the country and any other agency which may be required for successful realization of the objectives of the export society.

On the producer end of the spectrum, the NCEL will be involved in a membership drive, with a goal of enrolling 8.9 lakh co-operatives as its members across the country in Dairy, Sugar, PACS, FPO, SHG, Artisans/Handicraft, and other sectors. The NCEL will also be active in identifying exportable products and garnering strong support from all ministries, particularly for G2G transactions.

The NCEL will assist cooperatives in market identification for the available products by connecting with all embassies to create market contacts, develop export capacity in response to market demand, and provide logistics support for the exports.