Why Join NCEL?

Joining the NCEL would provide cooperatives a boost, allowing them to realise their full potential in the world market. Through a "Whole of Government Approach," an NCEL member would be able to reap the benefits of numerous export-related schemes, programmes and policies being implemented by various ministries of the Government of India.

Through the cooperatives' inclusive growth model, the members would be benefitted from dividends distributed from the NCEL's surplus as well as higher prices realised through the export of their goods and services

The NCEL would promote exports of their members' products through a range of its efforts, such as trading in all commodities and services produced by cooperatives and related entities, as well as by procurement, storage, processing, marketing, branding, labelling, packaging, certification, etc.

The NCEL will also help member cooperatives deal with issues pervaded in the export market such as ferocious competition, monopolies, unethical behaviour, lack of infrastructure, and standardisation, while at the same time ensuring that their products get to the international market and fetch higher price.

By joining NCEL you can help shape the new India, a country moving towards a better tomorrow while having an influence on the global market.

For becoming a member of NCEL, please do write to us at coopexports@gmail.com